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[Fun feeding supplies] This is a multifunctional pet product that combines pet tableware with toys. This is not only a tableware product that slows food leakage, but also an educational toy that improves the intelligence of pets.
[Fun Food Catapult Design]When the dog gently presses the top position, a number of dog food can be easily and randomly dropped out of the four leakage channels at the bottom of the toy, and the food can be provided to the dog on the tower shaped food slope. This function can slow down the dog’s daily feeding rate and protect the dog’s gastrointestinal health.
[Puzzle Toy function]The dog is guided to tap the top of the product with its paw to get a dog food or snack, which is a reward for the dog’s behavior. In the process, it can attract the dog’s interest, improve the dog’s intelligence, and relieve the dog’s daily worries when lacking the company of the owner.Original design of food structure outlet,It can completely prevent getting stuck when dog food or snacks are dropped.
[Design of Anti-falling] There are 4 non-slip rubber pads on the bottom,in addition, each product comes with four suction cups that can be installed or removed. The suction cup can be fixed in the corresponding card slot at the bottom, and then the product will be absorbed to the ground, in daily use, will not be knocked over by the dog.The semi-transparent visual granary design is able to know the storage situation in the granary at any time.
[Emergency Feeding Supplies] If the owner needs to leave his residence for a period of time and is worried that his dog cannot feed on time, this product can be used as a temporary feeding article to allow the dog to complete the feeding process during play.

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