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【Water Flows】: High/Medium/Low. This portable oral irrigator offers 3 speed settings so it can easily remove all food leftovers between teeth and clean all parts of teeth by pulsating water flow. In addition, it is equipped with 6 nozzles and a professional manual in German to help you solve various mouth problems.
Durable 1400 mAh lithium fast charging battery: can be used for 25 days after 3.5 hours charging time. The battery life is over 5 years. After 300 charging and discharging, the capacity drop is only less than 20%.
【Suitable Capacity 200ml】You can use it at home or take it with you when travelling. Ergonomic design, one-handed operation, comfortable grip and easy to use. Wide range of applications for all types of people.
Low noise and IPX7 waterproof: the noise generated by the dental water spray is less than most similar products on the market (less than 72 dB). And this oral irrigator has a waterproof design patent. The three-layer waterproof structure, the waterproof full body housing that withstands washing with water flow, does not cause device damage and leaks. The waterproof corresponds to IPX7. This extends the Increases the service life of this product. .
Package contents: 1 x tooth cleaner, 1 x USB cable, 1 x user manual (English language not guaranteed), 6 x nozzles. Equipped with the imported bag, carry it with you, the body is small and tubular, can be put in the cosmetic bag.

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