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[Multi-attracting cats] This is a multi-functional indoor interactive cat toy, with a design of rotating gyroscope. The fixed suction cup can be placed horizontally or vertically, which can be used in various places. The toy can be rotated by the external force of the cat. This is an educational toy as well as a windmill toy, and even more a toy that can help relieve boredom.
[Gravity rotation function] The toy body can be rotated by gentle push when the cat is playing. Feathers are designed on the booster rods on both sides of the body, which can attract the cat’s interest in playing and have the function of assisting the rotation. The shaft is designed with a gravity system to prevent the toy from spinning too fast to make the cat lose interest. When the toy rotates a few times, the toy will slowly stop under the action of the gravity system.
[Toys with built-in catnip] Two high-content catnip balls and a small bell are placed in the transparent part on the top of the toy. When the toy rotates, the mint ball will be irregularly and the bell will make a faint sound. The function can effectively attract more cats’ interest in playing.
[Large suction cup design at the bottom] The bottom of the toy is equipped with a suction cup with a large adsorption force, which can make the product adsorb on any surface such as wooden floor, rough ground, doors and windows. The toy can be used horizontally or vertically. The cat can be used in a variety of play this product in the environment.
[Multiple cats can play together] This toy is made of environmentally friendly and healthy ABS and TPR. It will not be damaged by the cat. It can be used for a long time. It can also be used with multiple cats. Using this toy for a long time can improve the cat’s IQ and relieve daily loneliness and worries.

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