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[Multifunctional pet throwing ball]This is an interactive pet toy with your dog. It contains the functions of automaticly stretchable ball , ring telescopic drawstring ball and molar ball lights, which can bring more fun to the dog.
[Automaticly stretchable throwing ball]Built-in stretchable drawstring for throwing ball , it can cover in the owner’s middle finger by the round soft buckle at the other end of the drawstring , then the ball can be thrown far away with the help of inertia after rotation, which brings more fun to the owner and pets.
[Yo pet ball]Put the round rope buckle on your finger, and gently force the wrist to throw the pet ball freely. The pet ball will rebound under the action of the built-in stretchable rope structure. By repeating this process, you interact with the dog frequently, which will increase the fun and enhance your relationship.
[Molar Ball Function]The toy can be used directly as a molar for the dog. In the middle of the molar ball, 360 full-enclosed soft molar bumps of different sizes are arranged, and the stable ball body is also designed with a variety of different shapes of molar points. The overall plot is the dog’s teeth, molars, and the scum and dirt of the sharp teeth. You can also apply pet-specific toothpaste and attractant on the molar bumps, so that dogs can brush their teeth.
[Easy to use, suitable for playing in multiple scenes]This product is simple to use and can be used directly without additional installation process.The interaction between the owner and the pet is very effective, which can not only increase the feelings between people and pets, but also allow dogs to exercise and improve their physical fitness.

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