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Moisture meter: with 2 high-precision pins, it can penetrate the test surface and quickly measure the moisture content, find a hidden leak or mould and determine the moisture. This allows you to detect invisible water leaks, wall moisture and mould in seconds and avoid costly water damage.
Range and accuracy: measuring range of 6 – 60% for wood, for building materials 1.5% ~ 33%, accuracy is ± 2%. If the wood moisture humidity exceeds 16% or the building material moisture exceeds 20%, the wood moisture tester emits a beep to alert you to it.
Practical design: the digital moisture detector with green backlight and a colourful HD LCD display for more intuitive measuring tips, you can read well even in dark places. When you hold down the hold button, the reading will be frozen. Auto power off (3 minutes) to extend battery power (battery not included).
Widely used: the moisture detector is for wood and building materials, press the mode button briefly to switch between modes. This digital moisture detector is used for wall boards, stone slabs, concrete and wood. The moisture content of wood products such as wooden floors, cabinets, furniture, timber, building materials, etc. can be measured. Ideal for woodwork, building or agriculture industries.

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