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Suitable for all types of ear canals: our ear wax removal kit can be applied to different ear canals. The turbine fan design of the rear fan tooth is very effective to collect both oily and dry earwax. Avoid more damage than use by pressing earwax and dirt further into the channel. Take control of the affected wax by breaking and removing your earwax at the source.
Ergonomically sharpened stainless style: 5 ear curete cleaners of different sizes to clean soft and hard earwax to avoid scratches on your sensitive ears. Do not damage your ear canal while effectively cleaning it. High safety for adults or children. A tiny brush to clean the earplugs after use.
Advanced grinding craft: Unlike the cotton swabs, our ear cleaner earwax tool can push the earwax further into the ear. With the scoop shaped earwax removal tools, earwax accumulation can be effectively removed. All surfaces of the earwax remover are carefully polished and smooth enough to avoid scratches to your sensitive ears and allow for pain-free ear cleaning.
Easy to control clean use: with proper use for personal use and household, our ear removal tools are absolutely safe. Durable for good ear hygiene. The handles are designed for a secure, non-slip design. Disinfect with soap, water or a disinfectant solution and easy to reuse.
Portable plastic box: This earwax removal kit comes with a plastic storage box. Keep your earplug kit clean and free from damage with the slim case, ideal for travel or home storage.

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