PH Messgerät

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High accuracy: the numbers of the pH meter range from 0.00 to 14.00, accuracy: ± 0.01 pH. while the numbers of the digital TDS & EC meter from 0 to 19990 ppm, accuracy: ± 2%. Immerse the item in the liquid about 4 seconds, then you will know the liquid quality by the numerical values.
New upgrade, more accurate calibration value: the pH meter with ATC, this pH meter can automatically calibrate. You can press the CAL-keyboard many times to get accurate values. And if the value of the TDS meter stabilises in 4 seconds, then the value is automatically locked. To write the number, you can also press the HOLD keyboard.
pH meter with LCD display: pH meter and TDS meter with LCD display can display the data clearly. The water quality meter is portable. You can ensure water safety anytime, anywhere.
Versatile applications: pH meter and TDS & EC tester to test the water quality and pH value are suitable for drinking water testing. It is widely used in: aquariums, swimming pools, laboratories, chemical industry, agriculture, etc.
Box contents: 1 x pH meter, 1 x TDS meter, 3 x packs of pH buffer powder, batteries, instructions (English language not guaranteed). We will do our best to ensure your shopping experience and give you a better experience.

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