PH Messgerät

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【2020 New upgrade, more accurate calibration value】: We have experimented and improved the problem of inaccurate values. High quality pH meter for quick calibration and very accurate measurement results. The numerical accuracy of the test is higher and the test speed is faster than before. The resolution is 0.01 pH with an accuracy of ± 0.01 pH, automatic temperature compensation (ATC) measures 0-60 degrees.
Automatic calibration: simply turn it on, immerse in liquid and read display, no need to work with colour cards or messy test strips, this measuring device will get the result quickly and accurately. PH meter has sensitive electrode sensors, relatively fragile, please protect it.
Easy to use: simply dip the pH meter into the solution for a few seconds to see the water quality quickly and accurately. Learn how to clean and test your water to make your life healthier. (Please note: please clean with water after use, prepare for the next use)
Scientific design: small and easy to carry. The large LCD display of the pH meter makes the reading clearer and can be read easily even in a dark environment. PH meter has the function of auto-off to extend the life of the battery.
Wide use: ideal digital pH meter for aquariums, fishing, pools, swimming pools, school laboratories, flowing water, aquacultures and other liquids. Different liquids have different measurement results.

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